Status history

November 17th 2023


Explorer performance degraded

We experience degraded performance of our Explorers and are currently working on it.

November 22nd 2023 - 16:00

The Explorers are working properly again.

November 14th 2023


Maintenance on Legacy-Mainnet Database

The Legacy-Mainnet database is currently down for performance improvements.

November 21st 2023 - 09:00

The Legacy-Database is up again.

October 17th 2023


Testnet Reset

We are resetting the network. The new network ID will be "testnet-2".

October 17th 2023 - 15:21

Testnet reset is in progress

October 17th 2023 - 16:10

Testnet is running again. Creating the EVM chain is in progress.

October 17th 2023 - 17:45

Testnet EVM is operational again.

October 4th 2023


Mainnet network upgrade in progress

We are currently conducting the Stardust protocol upgrade on Mainnet. For more information about Stardust, please see This process may take up to 4 hours. Please monitor this page or @iota on X/Twitter for updates.

October 4th 2023 - 06:00

The Stardust upgrade has begun.

October 4th 2023 - 09:59

We have completed the Stardust protocol upgrade.

September 28th 2023


Shimmer Testnet EVM Service Degradation

We are currently investigating an issue in the Testnet EVM service. At the moment, it is non-operational.

September 28th 2023 - 23:34

The DevOps team is investigating the issue.

September 29th 2023 - 08:15

We have deployed a fix and Testnet EVM is operational again.

Current status

Shimmer-Mainnet (7222697)
Conf. rate: 120.0%
TPS: 8.333
Mainnet (8673531)
Conf. rate: 68.29%
TPS: 8.200
Shimmer-Testnet (810632)
Conf. rate: 106.3%
TPS: 2.667
Devnet (7590675)
Conf. rate: 98.55%
TPS: 6.900